Why can’t Filipino’s get ETA visas?

ETA Visa

Why can’t Filipino’s get ETA visas?

An Australian ETA visa or Electronic Travel Authority visa is a type of Australian visa for persons holding passports from certain countries to enter Australia for the purpose of holidaying, tourism or informal study. If you have a passport from the USA, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, Brunei or from many European countries you can apply for an ETA. The ETA is valid for 12 months from the date of grant and allows stays in Australia of up to 3 months at a time. It can be applied for at our website: etavisaaustralia.orgThe cost of the application is from only $19USD.

However, if you do not have a passport from one of the countries above you will need to apply for a Visitor visa. Therefore if you hold a passport from the Philippines you will not be eligible for an ETA and you will have to apply for a Visitor visa. The Visitor visa is a detailed application which requires the applicant to fill in forms, provide supporting documentation and undergo a number of checks. The visa application charge is currently $145AUD + any fee you might pay for assistance. Applying for a Tourist visa is certainly more complicated, time consuming and expensive than applying for an ETA.

So why can some people apply for an ETA which is far easier to apply for and obtain, and where others have to apply for a Visitor visa? The Department of Home Affairs (DOHA) (which is the Australian Government department responsible for visas) have made a number of different classes of holiday or tourism visas and placed countries in each class on the basis on a number of factors including the economic situation of the country and statistics of the history of visa holders from different countries. In other words, DOHA looks to see if people from a particular country might consider Australia a more attractive place to live or whether or not they have overstayed their visa previously or whether they have abided with the other conditions on their visa. For example, persons on a Visitor or ETA visa are not allowed to work and DOHA looks to see from which countries people are caught working illegally. People with passports from Switzerland are rarely caught working illegally whereas people from mainland China, the Philippines and Thailand and Vietnam are often caught working illegally and overstaying their visas.

It is because of the visa history of many Filipinos either overstaying their Visitor visas or not abiding by other conditions, as well as Australia’s relationships with certain countries and regions that has resulted in the Philippines not being eligible to apply for an ETA. DOHA reviews these statistics from time to time which can result in changes in eligibility. Also, as Australia becomes more involved in Asia and develops better relationships with countries such as the Philippines this may also lead to changes in Australia’s visa policy.

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Written by Luke Gorham ©2020
Registered Migration Agent
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